Ten Minute Plays

Storytime - Ashley is a young social worker at the Haynesworth State Prison for Women. She offers inmate Niecy the chance to reconnect with her young daughter through an innovative program.

Fragment (previously titled Fraction) - Isiah is an ad exec on the rise. As he prepares for an interview that will take him to the next level, he gets a hard slap in the face from the other side of the mirror. Flec challenges all of Isiah's perceptions about himself and tries to free him so he can reach his true potential.

Unmade - Gil, a young physicist, has uncovered a dark secret of the universe. In a panic, he has locked himself in his apartment. John, his opportunistic colleague, tries to talk some sense into him. Susan, Gil’s girlfriend worries about his sanity and their future in light of his disturbing discovery.  

The Pendant Emily helps her best friend, Rachel, a young widow, pack up her apartment six months after her husband’s death. She notices her friend continues to wear an unusual keepsake of her lost love. Can Emily convince Rachel that the best way to move on is to let go?

One-Act Plays

Enemy - A young Muslim woman named Johara meets graduate student Ben on the quad of a small college. As they talk, Johara’s past haunts her present as she moves closer to her destiny.

Full-length Plays

Clutter - Senior citizen, Betty Ann Wilton, has burned through her allotment of homemakers, fifty-seven of them to be exact. If she fires or chases another one away, Adult Protective Services will get involved. Betty Ann is also struggling with a hoarding problem. Meanwhile, her twenty-eight year old son, Chucky, uses her apartment to hide drugs. Ruby, Betty Ann’s current homemaker, is about to graduate from nursing school with a job lined up at a hospital. Unbeknownst to Betty Ann, Ruby calls Adrian, Betty Ann’s filmmaker son who now lives in LA, to tell him her of impending departure. Adrian reluctantly comes back home and is quick to confront Chucky about his drug dealing and Betty Ann’s hoarding. Chucky pushes back, stating Adrian hasn’t done enough to help Betty Ann, let alone live on the East Coast. Despite their differences, the two brothers must find a way to come together to deal with their mother. Will they send their mother to a home, or will one of the brothers become her full-time caretaker?

Match Day
  - In Development