Ameriqueno - Julia, a Puerto Rican mother and her two children arrive in New York City in the wake of tragedy. Her oldest, Victor tries to find his way in a place without a clear path, but plenty of temptation in the form of Flaco, his new friend. Marta, her young daughter, excelled in school back home, but must now fit in with her new classmates. Julia struggles to keep her family together with the help of her exotic dancer sister and the new man in her life.

Crusader - A young news producer discovers that his absentee father is Earth's super-powered protector, Crusader. As the hero reunites with his son to pass on the mantle, a new threat arises. Now, father and son must work together alongside other costumed allies to save the planet.

Social Zombie - 14 year-old Jesse is obsessed with his online life, smart phone constantly in  hand. Sally, the girl next door (No, really!), wants Jesse to ask her to the school dance, but she can't get his attention. Jesse dies in a tragic texting while walking accident at school. A few days after the funeral, Sally gets an urgent friend request...from Jesse! Now that he's returned from the grave, will Jesse finally ask Sally to the school dance?